The Mission

baby's breath

Nickkie&Co. has been created with the intention to empower & reach women from all walks of life. During difficult times, I have found myself feeling alone trying to avoid burdening anyone with my passions &/or disappointments, which in turn, had a really negative impact of the energy I had put out into the world. With that being said, Nickkie&Co. was created with YOU in mind. This platform was created to empower you to live your best life while pushing you to strive to be your best self.

If Nickkie&Co. reaches, helps & inspires one person– Mission Accomplished.

I promise to…

Post my best self at all times
Remain open minded, open hearted, transparent & relatable
Appreciate & respect you
Be empathetic & choose my topics wisely
Respond to questions or suggestions in a timely manner
Take your suggestions into consideration
Remind you of your importance
Remind you of your worth
Inspire you to be your best
Always present memoirs with my best intentions
Show you how much you mean to me!
If you pursue & continue this journey with me,
I will not disappoint!