It’s A C E L E B R A T I O N

Welcome to Twenty-Eighteen!

The start of a new year evokes so many emotions. It can evoke happiness for a new start, fear of what is to come or sadness for what has been left behind. For me personally, the New Year is always bitter-sweet. Not because I commit to unreasonable goals that I knew I would not stick to but because sometimes I feel I left the best & the worst of my life in the year before. This year, I am attempting a new approach & I encourage you, *points finger* Conglomerates, to join me.

 This year, instead of dwelling on the past or trying to leave unfinished issues in 2017; I suggest that regardless of what may be ahead of you in 2018, that you use this year to celebrate yourselves & enjoy your talents- whatever they may be. I suggest you try at least 2 new things this year that can be crossed off your bucket list & I suggest you try to dance in the middle of the whatever rainstorm 2018 is likely to pour down on you.

 See, I am not promising this coming year will not provide heartbreak. I am not promising that sadness will not come your way some days or that you will be happy everyday. I am not saying you will not experience loss or disappointment because unfortunately life is all about learning to live & deal with curve balls. What I am saying is, you need to make conscious decisions to celebrate yourselves more, love yourselves a little more, respect yourselves a little more, inspire & support one another regardless of how bad some days may be. Most importantly, relish in your accomplishments.

 The fact that you made it here today to read this is an accomplishment in itself. The fact that you have seen 2018 despite the times you did not think you were going to make it; is an accomplishment. Despite the times you could not find the light at the end of the tunnel; you made it. You made it to this very moment. Despite what your emotional, physical or spiritual state is – YOU MADE IT!

That alone cannot be taken from you. Savor it. Enjoy the moment. Laugh a little, even when you do not want to. Feel with every part of your being. Twenty-Eighteen has so many opportunities to embark on & it is starting now. So, sit tight — enjoy the ride.

Toast to 2018 & all its beautiful chaos.



Conglomerates, now it is your turn to be heard:

What do you plan to do this year to keep your spirits high? What are two things on your bucket list you can commit to by December 31, 2018?

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  1. This is amazing!! It gave me chills! So well put together you did it and I’m so proud of you! 2018 is the year for putting myself 😘

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