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Thank you for joining me another week. I hope I have and will continue to meet & exceed your expectations in a way that will benefit you.

To continue on the same positive note brought in with 2018, I wanted to discuss the importance of having a personal cabinet, sisterhood or as some would call it; tribe. This is  not a group of individuals you go out with every weekend who you question if they have your best interest at heart. I do not mean people who fail to motivate you to be your best self. By sisterhood, tribe or cabinet, I mean a group of people whose opinions you respect (regardless of how often you see them) that serve as a resource you can engage in regards to important life decisions. They can provide counsel & support for financial, professional, personal & social decisions. You will never find yourself questioning if they respect your vision, your passion or if their “guiding” has ill intent. Without vocalizing it, it will be evident that they want to contribute to your growth as an individual & as a woman.

 They have seen your “ugly”, have seen your creative processes & the scars that others do not see. They know the caterpillar before the butterfly emerges. They know your motive, desires & aspirations before it has been written on paper & they can see your vision before it comes to life, whatever it may be. They are the stage crew behind the scenes of a major production; YOUR LIFE.

I first learned about this concept in class when a professor of mine explained the importance of having a “cabinet” as a professional. It was not until she thoroughly explained a cabinet’s purpose that I realized, without the title, I have a group of “go to” people I can rely on too. I have a consistent group of about six people (one male) who encourage me, who push me and who are always realistic, even if at times their input consists of putting me in my place. My cabinet, I realized, is special, because their presence was & still is evident in many aspects of my life. They always respect my ideas but have never just told me what I WANT to hear. In fact, they are amazing at always telling me what I NEED to hear. Though my mind was made up, I went to them with my vision for “Nickkie&Co” even before I was able to fully comprehend the degree in which I wanted to take it. Since then & currently, I wake up to topic ideas, suggestions & encouraging words reminding me to push through. Those small reminders, on many occasions, remind me why I started this. It reminds me that although I am the face of the brand, I am not the only one who is cheering for my success. When I shared my passion for Nickkie&Co. with them,  I did not reach out to them for permission because giving permission is not their purpose. I sought them out because I knew I could rely on them for honest & constructive feedback. Feedback that currently assists me with my execution plan.  Yours should have the same purpose for you.

That is why I encourage you as “women going places” to identify who your cabinet members are as they will be going places with you. You need cabinet members that are consistent, steadfast, respectful, encouraging, honest & loyal. They should have the ability to provide encouraging, yet reliable suggestions to assist with brainstorming & evaluate outcomes you may not have thought of previously. Your cabinet is your round table, your board of trustees; final decisions always come back to you. They simply assist with the creative process & will be around to help you withstand the outcome, whether positive or negative. If your cabinet members do not possess those essential characteristics, you have recruited the wrong members.

With the presence of a cabinet, you will be surprised how an insecure and unfavorable situation can be morphed into a moment of inspiration. Studies show that there are significant benefits to having a tribe or sisterhood. Having people you can rely on can reduce stress & depression, contribute to healthy, joyful, & expressive lives, while contributing to a sense of belonging. A 2016 article I read on women’s health, expressed that women with close friends were even more likely to overcome detrimental or life threatening situations. For instance, it cited that a breast cancer study from 2006, discovered that women with a group of friends were 4 times more likely to beat the diagnosis than those who were alone, without a reliable group. What was even more interesting was that their survival was not dependent on contact with these friends but the comfort of knowing these friendships existed.

These are the kind of individuals I stress you need in your tribe. The kind that will push through bad situations with you & rejoice on your wins. That will provide reasonable insight & always have your best interest at heart. That will push you to evolve to the best version of yourself, while you push them to theirs. These friends compliment you in every way. They are the gems encrusted in your crown & they contribute to the glow in your life. In reading this, I hope that as your eyes shifted over the words of this post that a few names and faces have crossed your mind, cherish them. I have learned in my experiences that they are earthly angels sent to us to remind us we are not alone. Utilize them- build with them, on them & through them as they are a valuable asset that will strive with you as you reach to your highest potential.

Until next time conglomerates.



Conglomerates, now it is your turn to be heard:

How has having a sisterhood contribute to your life? What kind of things have they assisted you with? How impactful was their presence during difficult times?

5 thoughts on “Building A Sisterhood

  1. More than true ! So many times I have to put my bullheadedness aside and realize that even though I can be as stubborn as they come, I still have ppl in my corner that I can trust… like yu said, not only to give me feedback, USEFUL and appreciated feedback. Now late in my 20s my round table is more like a round end table with how tight it’s become lol but I wouldn’t change a thing. One day folks will wake up and realize yes, our life IS our own but we will always need another to help water this garden that we tend so carefully. No such thing as doing it alone ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Word. Even if it’s on or two people, knowing someone is there for you makes all the difference in the world. And that note on breast cancer is mind-blowing.

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