Oh, Oprah. Thank you!

Good evening Conglomerates, I am convinced that I live under a rock in a remote location where there are no signs of civilization because I am unsure how I missed this. A few days ago, Oprah Winfrey gave an amazing speech at the Golden Globes in acceptance of her award. Social media declared her as the running president for 2020. After what I saw this morning coupled with our experiences with our current president, I played with the idea myself. In her speech, in lieu of the sexual abuse allegations that have surfaced recently as well as the need for women to feel empowered, Oprah brought tears to my eyes with her literary depictions & her words of empowerment that spoke to the hearts of many men and women. After hearing her speech, I can say I am proud to be amongst the population of people she represented that day. I will not drag this out any further but I urge you to click the link below. Listen & understand the context of the words that she is sharing with us. This is for us all, especially for the little girl or defeated woman who watched & realized she can do anything. She reminds us that there are no limitations to what can be done if we sets our minds to it. I hope her speech will give you the feeling it gave me & you keep it in mind as you progress through your day.


Oprah’s “Me Too” Movement


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  1. All hail queen O ! Haha all in all I’m not surprised. Oprah has always had an exceptional insight and her words of wisdom (speaking for myself of course) has always found me wanting more. Even though she’s stepped back and her sights have been mainly on our future (children’s education) it is quite obvious she’s BEEN paying very close attention to the turn that this world has taken… not only with this joke of a presidency 😒 but just thru time over all. Thanks a bunch for sharing and I for one would def vote if she decides to run in 2020 ❤️

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