Fighting Fear

freedom-of-fearAs children we fear many things. We are afraid of the dark, the monsters under our bed, being reprimanded by our parents, being unable to make friends or our first day at a new school. As we get older our perception of what we should fear changes. We start to fear the future & what it has to offer us. We think of the things that can potentially impact our loved ones in a negative way & we can be crippled by the ideas that we may not be able to support our families in a manner in which we would want to. This can then transform into a fear of being unable to achieve personal pursuit goals for ourselves & for our families.

Today a sister-friend of mine asked me to write this post as this year she is treading along new waters to provide further for her family. She expressed to me her fear in not achieving the goal in her desired timeline & the sacrifices she has made to ensure she reaches that goal. Despite my reservations, I agreed that I would write on the topic & promised that I would post it sooner than other prescheduled post. I felt the topic of fear was important to tackle as we all have stared fear directly in the face at some point in our lives. Unbeknownst to her, her request & this new challenge I set for myself scared me. Although, I have welcomed topic suggestions from conglomerates, I did not expect requests within a week of Nickkie&Co’s debut. I was self-conscious & overwhelmed that my writing will not meet her expectations. I was fearful she would be disappointed. As I sat in front of a blank page pressuring myself to meet unexpressed expectations, I realized that she did not have any expectations at all. I realized that if she had expectations she would have verbalized them to me. The purpose of her request was to receive motivation, inspiration & encouragement that she as a woman going places was doing the damn thing.

See, fear will have you believing you are not capable of doing what you are more than capable of. Fear will have you thinking you are not good enough. Fear will feed on your confidence & invite its cousins over for dinner-insecurity & inhibition. Fear is a con-artist. Instead of robbing you of your finances it robs you of your potential. Conglomerates, you are capable of many things & overcoming fear is one of them. Do not let fear keep you from starting a new endeavor, a new job, a new business or purchasing a new home. Once you put yourself in the right mindset & change your perspective the goal you set becomes obtainable. If you took a minute to sit & play back the milestones of your life on digital audio, you will be able to reflect on the moments you felt fearful & have shown that fear did not have power over you. It is this mindset you need to maintain when faced with a new challenge. Reflect back to when fear had you thinking you were incapable & then remember the times you over came it. In hindsight, you will realize that the moments were bigger obstacles than your current one or were not that big at all. But still, despite how you felt then, you are here with me today, pushing through. Fear is like a mirage in the desert. It will have you seeing what is not there. Keep that in mind when faced with an unfavorable situation you believe will not work in your favor. Most importantly, remember fear only comes when you are close to reaching a new level of your potential.

 Fear is not your friend, do not get comfortable with it. It has nothing to offer you but has everything to take from you. Bottle it up, throw it away & step out on courage. Courage allows you to do amazing things. As it evolves, it will start to manifest in your life.  Eventually, as you start smashing through your goals & slaying your fear imposed demons by starting that new job, opening a new business, buying a new home or starting a family, you will wonder why you were fearful in the first place. Before it even gets there, the next time your fear is hawking down your neck or staring you in your face you look back at it, unwavering & with a snide smirk on your face say, “Good one. You thought you had me. Now, bow down to who owns you.”



Conglomerate, it is your turn:

How has fear kept you from reaching your full potential? When did you realize that your potential was wasting away & fear was the culprit? What did you do to take back control?

10 thoughts on “Fighting Fear

  1. Well…this post came just in time ! I’m currently in D.R. and made myself overcome my fear of heights. My group and I went Ziplinging in Monkey Jungle and boy was I scared! Can’t say I completely rid of my fear of heights but I at least overcame it temporarily. I can honestly say I am fearful when it comes to just about anything-a new endeavor, relationship, and almost anything that requires extreme decision making. I truly believe doing this was just one step towards the direction of overcoming any fear. I feel so exhilarated and liberated!

    • Thank you for sharing! Yes, it took a little step on courage. I remember the girl who wouldn’t get on a roller-coaster & you’re out in a difference country ziplining. Lol. Sooooo awesome. In regards to new endeavor fears, I feel the same way but as time progresses, I realize I need to focus on the difference between fear & discernment. One is for your best interest the other is to prohibit you! Thank you again for reading & engaging in discussion. Peace & love. Xo.

  2. Just what I needed! Coming into 2018 fear is constantly trying to come up against me. I find myself tackling the thoughts of “Will I be a great leader, and how?” It’s so easy for me as an introvert to stay to myself where I feel so comfortable. Reading this is a perfect reminder that fear does not want me to reach my full potential and that I can and will. I may not have all the answers right now but as long as I keep my faith, and keep planning, and keep stepping out, and keep pushing, that bully fear will stay in it’s place and outta my way!! Thank you so much!!!

    • Yes!!!!! Thank you for sharing. God made us powerful and in his likeness. Fear will have us not reaching our full potential. I am so happy and proud that you are able to recognize this and fight through it. Xo.

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