Our Greatest Investments Start Within

Conglomerates, today I am honored to present that Nickkie&Co. has its first guest blogger. Today, our guest is a woman by the name of Alexandra Claudio who has been a constant supporter of Nickkie&Co. during creation, implementation, during launch & growth. As a woman going places, Alex has felt inspired to share a topic of importance with fellow conglomerates. So it is with pride & adoration that Nickkie&Co. asks conglomerates to welcome her with open arms as she makes an attempt to reach women on the very platform that was created for women like her, you & I.

Have you ever walked by a mirror & had to step back to take a second look. What is the first thought that comes to mind… think about it for a second, mull it over.. what is your first reaction? There is popular belief that what you think about yourself effects every fiber of your being. I am in total agreement, what you think about yourself effects the way a person eats, sleeps & influences their overall feelings about life’s experiences.

It would be an understatement to say that what you think about yourself, your purpose here & how you value is “just” important.  In fact, it is a necessity & essential to ensure we all live a happy & healthy life, the best way we know how. The importance of self esteem, care & control are always topics at the top of the list of most sought after blogs & self help ads. Searching through google I have noticed that there are all types of self care tips that vary from as young as girls in elementary school up to women in their senior years. The results highlight that through all stages of life, taking care of yourself is & will always be key! Ladies, about 50% of what women discuss most with one another is largely related to self health. Think about how often you have shared advice with your closest friends, family or coworkers. All of these characteristics can be strengthened by processes I like to categorize as “self investments”.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” says Maya Angelou. Self investing has a HUGE impact on ones self-awareness & self-esteem equally. There are many ways to self invest, I myself as a 20-something year old, have realized that I can go further than making sure that my hair & nails are always groomed to my level of perfection. Yes, self-investing does involve loads of self love & making yourself feel good – but why stop there? So I have decided to do some digging on some unconventional ways to make some investments in myself that are not too stressful for my pockets. Through my searches I have found that there are four solid investments that you can make within yourselves rather than just simply adding to or enhancing on yourselves

1. Physical investing is the most popular out of the four. Self investing this way would be being mindful of how you are TREATING your body. How are your eating habits? Are there things that need to be altered in your daily workout routine? Have you stretched today? These are simple yet effective  examples that add to your health & overall self benefit.

2. Mental investing is timeless, there are infinite ways to strengthen your mind. You could read & learn about a new topic that you have never looked into before. One may even go as far as attending a convention or seminar on topics that you love just to broaden your personal perspectives.

3. Making spiritual investments applies differently depending on the individual. Whether it be religion or simply having belief in or of something greater, the growth here would be to understand that you are unique. There is no one on earth that is you & that in & of itself makes you a gift, it makes you special. A helpful way to maintain that idea would be to meditate while knowing that you are you for a reason & that reason has a purpose.

4. Creatively investing would have to be my favorite way to show self love. It is all about self expression. Write, paint, dance, play an instrument (or learn to)! There is so much opportunity to be proud of yourself for seeing a project through to the end. Whatever you decide to do, you will learn to trust your individuality & know that YOU “did that”.

So far, after completing my research I have been playing with the four types of investments in relation to my life. Making a todo list has helped me a lot with making sure I complete all four types, one way or another, within the week. I find that it is accomplished easiest when swopping the tasks around by day. I really do urge you ladies to give much thought in making your own self investments as this will only “grow” you as an individual; as a woman. If you already are, I urge you to never stop, keep adding to them! This way the next time you take your second glance at the mirror you will not just see the amazing you, you will see see all of the profits you bare with much appreciation.


“Whenever– you must bloom with grace.”

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  1. Thank you ! & thank yu Nickkie for allowing me the space and opportunity to share my thoughts with everyone ! So much love for you 💕

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