Breaking Bread With The Unsupportive

We have all encountered them. The individuals that always have so much to say but so little to offer. The people who have a list of comments on the things you should do but never does that list consists of the things they could do to help you. These are people we have befriended & dated & despite moving past these incidents, for whatever reason, their input & their opinions effect us more than then those of the people who truly have our best interest at heart. Why? Could it be that we truly care what it is they have to say or is it how the say it? Could it be that their negative comments outweigh the magnitude of the good we receive from them? Or does it have everything to do with the fact that these people never cease to amaze us? Instead of offering encouraging words of assistance & positive suggestions, they instead bring their gloom of bad energy in their wake claiming to offer “constructive criticism” or “opportunities for growth”. Is it a coincidence that their “pep talks” always surface at your brightest moments?

Unfortunately, I can see these individuals when they are amongst my friends (friend’s friends) but often fail to notice these people when they are surrounding me. Who wants to believe that the person they are laying with or a member of their tribe truly fails to push them to their highest potential? I often have to learn the hard way. For instance,  when I found something I loved to do, when it helped me be a better person & they saw my growth & potential, that is when the spotlight shined on them brightest. I did not want to believe it but I had to acknowledge it. By the comments & actions that were made, I learned that everyone sitting on your side of the ring is not always in your corner. I urge you, in these circumstances to use your gift of discernment when dealing with these people. Understand that these very people, regardless of the role they play in your life, will NEVER possess the courage or the drive to do what you do. They are the mouth piece behind the podium for a conference with no audience. These people rather point out all the things you do incorrectly as you progress through the phases in life but some how they are always stuck in place, never advancing, never growing but always speaking on what they want to do but lack execution. If we are not careful these people will be the potholes in our lives that will permanently damage our tires & we will be stuck there doing nothing with them.

So, as a woman going places, keep in mind that all constructive criticism is not constructive & it can not be received by everyone. Many people will claim to see the vision, to support the goal & be apart of the mission but very few will be willing to fight the fight & shed the tears with you. That is why it is important that you are careful about the feedback you receive & how you execute it. Though all feedback is not bad some people have too much to say with very little substance. Unfortunately, in my life I have had to learn this & have had to keep this in mind in many aspects of my life. Conglomerates, sometimes you are not just tripping, sometimes you are not overthinking & yes, sometimes it is hard to believe but listen, trust your gut. If it is telling you to be weary then listen. We have to learn to listen to our instincts, trust our instincts & learn from them.  Practicing this does not make us arrogant. It makes us smart & helps us protect our investment— US & anything that will contribute to our evolution, our growth & our happiness. When you are doing well, look closely to who is clapping when you win. People will show you their true colors within your success. Being mindful of how they celebrate your success will surely prepare you for some truths that can deter disappointment in the future.  Unfortunately, it is true what they say, misery does love company.

Conglomerate, YOU CAN NOT BE COMPANY. No one will grind as hard for your dreams as you would. Though you will find people along your journey who will share the vision, pay just as much attention to those who do not. Protect your investment, protect your brand. You are amazing & a force to be reckoned with. You work hard & are deserving of all you have worked for. Do not allow for anyone to have you second guessing your purpose, your ability, talents & the reason why you are here. Make the negative positive & use it to fuel your potential. You owe no explanations.



Conglomerates, please share your experiences with unsupportive spouses, friends, family? Did things get better? How were you able to overcome the situation to fuel a better life for yourself?

3 thoughts on “Breaking Bread With The Unsupportive

  1. I just learned to distance myself. I cannot expect or demand anyone to cheer for me when they can’t even recognize the beauty in themselves. Same goes for those that fail to see there is plenty of room at the top for us all to win.

    Great post 😉

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