Use Your Story…

bookConglomerates, one of the amazing things about being a woman is that we are multifaceted. What people see is not always what people get & despite how different we are from one another we all have different stories & experiences that make us who we are. These experiences influence our motives, moods, passions, how we treat others & how we allow others to treat us. The real gem is that we go through many things, think many things & despite what we go through people will never know what or how our experiences have truly effected us. Quite frankly, all of us, in some way are still healing from things we have never talked about. So I devote this memoir to a new perspective– from not speaking about our experiences but instead to doing the opposite. As women going places we should talk about our experiences so that we can help other women get through their difficult times.

As women, we go through many things in our lives & out of concern of appearing too sensitive, being judged, feeling alone or in the process of healing, we do not usually share what we have been through. We need to take a different approach to this. Beautiful things will happen within the female population if we share our stories openly. Even if we are still standing in the middle of our own storm sharing it can present us with an opportunity that reminds us we are not alone. It can also help another woman realize, despite what she feels like, she is not weathering her storm alone & despite its magnitude she will & can get through it. In our tribulations we often feel isolated in our circumstances & unrelatable. But if we knew that our stories were similar to other women who got through it –whether it was the stress of starting a business, surviving a break up, going through a divorce, struggling in grief or battling illness — we can be the example of someone who saw the eye of the storm & made it through.

I keep this in mind when I write my memoirs every week. Though, I may not be going through every topic currently, I still speak from my experiences in hopes that it will resonate with someone, somewhere who feels defeated, who is struggling or is having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Nonetheless, I still acknowledge that I am still learning how to survive & although I may not have it all together right now I am still a work in progress. This is what we should all to do for each other. We should network in our experiences so we can continue to build each other up to live our best lives. Share your story even if you think it is not important because I can guarantee you that your story, your success will touch someone you do not even know. Be able to pull the lesson from every situation so it can contribute to your growth & be passed on to others. Most importantly remind someone they are not alone.

If we start working within ourselves as a population, we will be able to make strides outside of ourselves to not only heal & empower ourselves but other people. In order to do this, we have to be able to reach our hands out to our sisters so we can walk through our experiences together because no matter which way we look at it, even if our stories did not unfold the same way, our stories are similar. We are relatable, we are united in our histories & our endings can be happy. Sometimes it just takes a group effort instead of a singular pursuit. Conglomerate, sharing your story is the first stride to ensuring a happy ending, making us relatable to one another & keeping us united. Do not shy away from what can make the world of difference in someone’s life because your story matters.


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