Power of Affirmations

confidence-affirmationsWelcome back conglomerates! Today I want to discuss the importance of your words, along with the significant impact they can have on your life & the lives of others. Your words are so much more powerful than your ability to tell someone off. Not only can words be used to advocate for yourself, words can have a significant influence on your mental, emotional, & physical abilities. If you recite strong affirmations in your life I can guarantee you that you will notice a change in how you think, what you invest your energy in, how you process & how you think of yourself. As you continuously speak positively you will feel that energy envelope around you. In fact, words you choose to speak to yourself have such an impact that you will notice a difference in the type of people you attract. You will see that even their vibes, energy & lives are positive as well.

For the most part, I am a faithful person. Regardless of how bad a situation may get for me, how miserable I may be; I truly remain faithful. See, most people’s faith tests come to them at the lowest point of their lives & I can say during my most difficult life encounters I have always known that something better was coming for me. The more defeated I became the stronger my faith & positive my self affirmations have become. I spoke them out loud & I spoke them often. I know factually that remaining positive has protected me on levels I can not even imagine. The last thing I want in these situations is to believe what I feel because often what I feel is temporary. That is not to say that I do not have negative moments. Honestly, sometimes I can not stand to even hear myself think because there are times I am negatively influenced by an environment of negative people that in turn influence my own thinking. Some days are harder than others & sometimes I have to consciously remind myself of the whole purpose of this memoir– there is power in my words & even more strength in my affirmations. Therefore I am consciously aware not to verbalize negative thoughts about myself that may haunt me.

What you say & how you talk to yourself is important because it will have an influence on your life. Therefore I suggest making a conscious effort to recite positive affirmations– always! Especially when you do not feel like yourself, when you are sad, angry or feeling worthless. Remind yourself that you are one of a kind. No one on this planet was created like you. You are good enough & regardless of the situation, the outcome will work out in your favor even if it does not feel like it now. Positive affirmations give you something to believe & something to look forward to. If you fail to speak positively into yourself, in a world that never fails to remind you that you are not good enough, you are truly selling yourself short. So often we hear compliments & praises for specific character traits & we fail to acknowledge them but allow one person to tell us one negative thing & we are unable to move past it.

This is also the very reason why I suggest not vocalizing negative thoughts that may cross our mind. The moment we speak them they become a reality & we begin to believe them, regardless of how rational or irrational our thoughts may be. We can actively combat or ignore a comment someone else may say about us but it becomes increasingly harder to do so if we begin believing what they say. It is all a process –“such-and-such” says we are not good enough > we attempt to justify why we are > in silence we let “suck-and-such’s” harsh words manifest > we start obsessing about it, thinking about it > vocalizing it (whether to ourselves or others) & finally we start believing it. In vocalizing & believing it, we then make it a reality. Therefore, if we make constant affirmations reminding ourselves of our worth we will learn to accept compliments & swat away criticism.

We need to stop being so hard & judgmental of ourselves. We need to learn to swiftly accept compliments & become slow in accepting the negative statements others may say to or about us. Remember that what ever is going on that effects us is all apart of the process. Nothing is worth diminishing our self esteem especially in the form of negative self talk. So it is time we accept, praise & positively work on our individual imperfections while recognizing our growth. In our growth we would continue loving into ourselves by reminding ourselves who we are, why we are here, & what our overall goal for our lives are. I am not naive enough to think this change of behavior happens instantly. I am aware that it takes time but initiating the requirement for positive vibes around us is worth it. If we can not practice the behaviors for ourselves, we can not expect others to do it otherwise.

Therefore Conglomerate, remember you are:










& Most Importantly—



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Conglomerates, here’s a quick tip:

I tend to write positive affirmations on mirrors in the house I use often as way to ingrain them into my brain purposefully or subconsciously. Dry erase markers are perfect for this project & it causes you to think proactively about your strengths. It is a fun & creative project that you can make according to your heart’s desire. I personally like to change my affirmations every couple weeks to keep them fresh. But of course, it is totally up to you!

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  1. Nickkie, thank you so much for this reminder! Why is it that we (myself included) focus so much of our energy and attention on negative thoughts and not nearly enough on positive. I’ve always found it fascinating that we can let one negative event impact our entire life and allow it to overshadow the 1000 more positive events… makes no sense but it happens all the time! Great post!

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