Knowledge is POWER

Growing up we obtain the majority of our knowledge from relationships we build from adults & our peers, school, books (if we read) & TV. As we get older the avenues we use to obtain our information may vary a bit but regardless of the source; information is retained that molds our beliefs & understanding. Some information is ingrained in our brains permanently; others not so much. Conglomerates, in order to live our best lives for ourselves & our families we must never stop learning & be open to resetting the information we may have obtained over the years. This fact remains true regardless of how old we get, how our experiences effect us or how generations shift. As people get older, a shortcoming many people have is that with age they fail to realize that new information is available to access. Usually they are unwilling to reset what they have learned due to generational ignorance or an inability to accept that with time information changes as well. It is most helpful if you continue to learn new information as it becomes available while keeping your span of your knowledge fresh & renewed.

As I age, I have learned that some of the information I learned as a child has become outdated or has just been plain out wrong. Though the wisdom behind the information may not have changed directly, how it applies to life may have. With age, experiences & time are not the only variables that make us wise. Instead, having the patience to keep up with new changes such as technology or being humble enough to recognize that some information that you have learned in the past may very well be wrong; will always make you wise beyond your years. The retention of information is generational. Therefore if something continues to be taught incorrectly or out of context, we risk passing on ignorance to our loved ones that may hinder them long after we are gone. This in turn contributes to a blood line of generational ignorance & inconsistencies.

I come from a family in which some people just fail to accept that some of the information they are sharing is no longer correct based on the time or era we are currently in. Granted, I know this is not intentional & I understand that they have grown up in a time when challenging information was unacceptable but I have seen first hand how roles have shifted. From being the “go-to” person everyone ran to for answers they eventually shifted to the person we go-to sometimes because they have opted not to advance along with the information that once upon a time held true. As my generation in our family gets older we no longer accept that things should be done a certain way or is fact because someone older than us told us so. We have the ability & readily accessible resources that challenge our way of thinking. We acknowledge its importance & we take advantage of what is available to us so that we are never limited by what we do not know. It is acceptable to challenge what does not make sense but we must be accepting of new information & research what we do not know. Most importantly, so that information does not die with us, we need to be open to share what we learn so that no one will ever be taken advantage of on the basis of what they do not know.

Sadly, so many of us strive to live our best lives but we will fail to do so if we allow ourselves to stay behind the grid. Knowledge truly is key & it does not have to come from expensive tuition rates & outdated text books. Knowledge is attainable to anyone who wants it. If the goal is to live your best life, never allow anyone to dictate what information you should have access to. Never allow yourself to shift from the “go-to” person to the “sometimes” person because you failed to teach yourself new things & reach your full potential. Understand that as long as you are living, you can never know enough. Understand that what you do not know does not take away your worth but gives you an opportunity to learn something new & may open doors for you that you did not think you had the keys to. Do not be the cause of your limitation & the generational limitations of your family. Understand that there is power in knowledge & why it is important that we have it.

Historically, failure to access knowledge bred oppression. Laws were passed to prohibit access of knowledge to slaves partly because once it is obtained, it at minimum allows us equal footing to those who do not find us worthy. We are worthy! Knowledge makes us fierce & learning this is an essential step to living the life you always imagined you could live. Over the years the avenues in how we access & gain information has gotten more creative & more readily accessible. Teach & learn. Be hungry for it. Hunger for knowledge is the one sure way to guarantee your survival & your ability to live your life; by your terms, your best way.


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