Shine Bright

Happy Sunday Conglomerates! Earlier this week something dawned on me that I felt really needed to be addressed. So often, despite what we believe to be true, we downplay our accomplishments in an attempt to remain humble or to keep from offending someone else. Though it is important to have some social intelligence; we should never dim our own light so someone else’s can appear brighter. We should never minimize our worth to save face for someone else. Under the right situation everyone can win! As women, we are multifaceted & we wear many hats. We are friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, co-workers, entrepreneurs & so much more. We care for our loved ones, run our own businesses & even when we do not want to; we make sure we keep up with our day-to-day responsibilities. The issue is, when someone asks or recognizes our abilities,  we treat the hard work we do as if it is not a big deal. Today, Nickkie&Co. is putting an end to this. Conglomerates, we work too damn hard to keep pressing the “dismissal button” on ourselves & all that we do! Sadly, I am guilty of this too.

But today, that all comes to an end. Today, we have to make a promise to ourselves. We will no longer silence our success & accomplishments out of uncertainty of what to expect from other people. Not allowing ourselves to fall through the cracks & living in someone’s shadow contributes significantly to our self-love pursuit. It is ok to be proud. We do not lose humility because we are proud of who we are & what we have overcome. We can still be kind while acknowledging that we are all that; plus some. We worked hard to get where we are today, so why should we act like it does not matter? If we do that, how can we expect someone else to act like it does? We can’t. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we have to teach people how to treat us. So, if we continue to dismiss ourselves; they will too.

Being proud does not mean we are boastful & it surely does not mean we have it all together. It just signifies that we have overcome what we once thought was impossible. It means we get through & do the things that many people do not & we allow ourselves to be human. We allow ourselves to make mistakes, acknowledge when we have done something well & overcome adversity. We need to start celebrating ourselves more. We so quickly rather toot the horn of someone else instead of our own. This must stop. We can toot her horn & toot our own as well. In this we can set up a platform where we build each other up while reminding the world that we “got it going on” too. Every day we do something amazing; even if we do not realize it. Some of us save lives for a living, many of us love unconditionally, most of us live a life where others depend on us & we most certainly love others sacrificially. What we believe is a typical gesture is in fact a superpower to others. We were not placed on this world to be average or mediocre but somehow we place ourselves in a running race that only allows us to be ranked as average. If we do not acknowledge what we do all that we will ever be is average & we are so much more than that. Average is an insult when it comes to a world full of possibilities. Especially when we continue to smash barriers like we do.

There is nothing mediocre about what we do everyday but we limit ourselves by not showing the world who we really are. Today is day one to the beginning of FOREVER.

Let’s SHINE!

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