Leaving A Legacy

At some point of my life, up until recently, I always had, what I believed to be a clear understanding of what success is & what it looked like. Now that life has had it’s fun with me by showing me many times that life would never be what I expect it to be; I have a different understanding of what success is. Naively, I believed success equated to a career, the large house I would live in, the luxury car I would drive, the amount of money I would have in the bank & the picture perfect marriage with happy & healthy children. But I realize now, that success is so much more than what I once believed it to be. I am a firm believer that success has less to do with monetary values & more to do with the things that are free.

Success for me is the ability to live a spiritual & joyful life that makes me so high, I will always find the positive in whatever negative thing life may throw my way. Success is the positive & healthy relationships I build with my friends, family & loved ones that are full of support, understanding, knowledge & laughter. It includes accepting myself as I am, loving myself enough to know when I am being mistreated & being ok with removing myself from the equation because I have learned to put myself first. Although, acquiring material riches are not my motive, I understand that success includes leaving behind a legacy for my family to enjoy once I am no longer here to enjoy it with them.

Through this pursuit, I understand that I am not living this life for me alone. I understand that, god willing, there will be generations started from me that will live on this earth long after I am gone. Though I strive to reach my pennicle of success, I understand that my actions can surely effect my bloodline. Hence, why I strive to be my best self now, so that I could be my best self for them when it is time. I understand that being the best version of myself for them includes dealing with intergenerational shortcomings that may have been passed on from generations before me. My ultimate indicator of success is not to have a perfect family, but a family that is conscious & aware of their inconsistencies & are willing to deal with them. I want to contribute to experiences that do not haunt them & drag into their own interpersonal relationships. Because the truth is, the way they will love, will have everything to do with the way they are loved. I strive to not curse my family so that they have the best chance at their best life; in which ever way they choose to acquire that. I want to ensure that when they reflect on who I was & what I did for them they understand that, although I am not perfect I have done all things with them in mind. Who knows, maybe my great grand children will one day find this Nickkie&CO. platform & get the best understanding of who I am, who I strive to be & if I have done so successfully. I will never know, but I do know that what I leave behind for them is the best thing I can offer them.

We are getting older, people pass on & life continues whether we are her to enjoy it or not. So, it is important that we leave the generations after us something that will allow them to spread their fruit unto the earth by leaving something that can contribute to their quality of life. Life is so much more than what we can do for ourselves. Though we should strive to enjoy every aspect of our lives, it should consist of more than temporary financial riches & unpaid debt. Significant life lessons & true assets can do more for the livelihood of your family than the reflection of what once was or what could have been. Invest in them in ways you would have wished to be invested in & let the rest of your work & sacrifices manifest.


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  1. Hi Nick,
    Your post this week really hit home for me. Someone once said that the measure of one’s wealth was not how much he or she makes, but rather how he or she can pass on, and not all of it is monetary.

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