Protect Your Energy!

As of this year, I have learned the importance of preserving & protecting my energy. This has included removing people from my life who were not supportive in contributing to it in a positive way. I realize that allowing those who do the exact opposite not only suck the HOPE out of me; they truly inhibit my growth as an individual. I have learned that in their presence, I can never truly reach the highest threshold of my goals because I will continue to provide excuses & entertain the negative energy & situations I have been exposed to. Regardless of how painful removing myself may be, I have to acknowledge situations & circumstances that require me to do so. “There are people who are not going to take responsibility for their energy, so I now, have to take responsibility for the energy that I allow to be brought into my space…

…You are not only responsible for the energy that you bring, you are also responsible for the energy that you surround yourself with.”- Oprah.  So, as you strive to live your best life, you must remain mindful of the people who are not contributing to the direction you are headed. You have to accept when it is time to stand firmly on self-love & eliminate yourself from the equation. People’s insecurities manifest in ways that can hinder you & your goals severely if you do not acknowledge & address it as what it is. Keeping this form of company will have you risking all that you have ever worked for because the only person that has anything to lose in this situation is you. So, please understand that protecting your energy sometimes entails removing yourself from situations &/or people that were once comfortable & familiar.

When it comes to making goals for yourself, it is extremely important that you do not let the negativity of others take you off track from obtaining them. Negative energy serves as a distraction to the things you can accomplish. So for your benefit, nip it in the bud. Bad energy is contagious. It is infectious. If you are not careful, it will begin to cloud all the dreams you have set forth to accomplish. So eliminate the individuals who contribute to it. Just as quick as these people fail to contribute to your positive surroundings, you better believe they are watching your every move. So listen & watch closely to the behaviors that people show you when you begin to reach new thresholds of success. Jealousy will always rear it’s ugly head; even if it is unintentional. Be mindful of the people who put a damper on all your aspirations & those who want to see you do well BUT not better than them. Those people will rather dull your shine & darken your dreams to keep you stagnant. Keep in mind that negative situations are a result of negative people who bring negative energy. When you begin to blossom, the behaviors people exhibit, whether good or bad, will show you more than they ever could tell you with their mouths. So, with that in mind, I urge you to be conscious & aware because someone’s actions will tell you more than a person’s mouth ever could. You are so much more than the hassle that negative energy brings & it is your right to remove yourself from it when it presents itself. After all, self-preservation is an essential key to loving yourself. Therefore, you must remove anything or anyone that puts that at risk. You dreams & goals require it.


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