Beautiful Disaster

We live in a world that emphasizes that women should not be taken seriously because we are too emotional. We live in a world that dismisses our passions & what we feel under the assumption that we feel, how we feel, simply based off of temporary emotions. We live in a world, that tells us to relax or that “we are tripping” when we express distaste, frustration or disappointment. In the event that we cry suddenly or laugh until our stomachs hurt, it is assumed that we are having a menstrual episode. These are all ways to make us feel that there are no grounds to feel how we feel, to say what needs to be said or to be who we are supposed to be.

First thing is first, having emotions or being passionate about something is not a shortcoming to our well-being, at all. If people were more “emotion conscious”, whether being the recipient or the deliverer, situations will be more ideal & the world will be a kinder place to thrive in. Emotions are a part of us so that we can feel. We can not feel the good without the bad. We are supposed to feel happiness, joy & sadness. We are supposed to feel angry, annoyed & peeved. Emotions & their triggers are what make us the unique individuals that we are. They contribute to our stories, our growth & our outcomes. They are the driving force behind our purpose.  Do not allow anyone to shut you up under the basis that you are being emotional. Do not apologize for how you feel. Do not allow anyone to tell you that how you feel is wrong because regardless of the reason, what you feel, is how you feel & that alone makes it valid.

It has become a common consensus that we should be ashamed of robust emotion. Little boys that will one day be men are raised to express little emotion under the pretense that it makes them vulnerable. While little girls are told that their emotions contribute to their inability to function & be rational. But listen, the act of feeling; truly feeling, is such a beautiful thing. Feeling provides the benefit of experiencing joy in raising our children, excitement when we accomplish goals & triumph when a hard time is behind us. Feeling emotions is our right as human beings & in no way should it be ignored. Feeling is the art of being. If you do not feel anything, what are you living for? Therefore, never be ashamed to express yourself. Never feel that what you feel is unwarranted. Also, recognize that nothing is wrong with you if you are unable to express your emotions in the way others want you to. Sometimes it is not meant to be understood by anyone else. Sometimes our emotions are for us & us alone. That is ok. However, in all the chaos of the world, you can be sure of one thing; you are a beautiful disaster. Embrace it.


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