No Need For Competition; I Am My Sister’s Keeper

We have been raised up in a society that puts women against each other to later call those very women, conniving, cunning & b*tchy. We see it with celebrities & we see it with regular, degular women like ourselves. For entertainment purposes, we are encouraged to face off. This in turn causes us to question our talents & become intimidated by the talents of another. I have watched people do horrible things to each other & end friendships under the pretense that we can not all win doing the same thing. It is horrible. It is shameful. It is disheartening. It is discouraging to someone who needs the courage to start a new endeavor & most importantly, it sends the wrong message to our little girls. Because truth is, we can all eat together & become full doing so. We can all pull up chairs to the round table & have a feast. When women come together we can feed ourselves & feed the masses.

Every week the memoirs are woven together by the same thread- empowerment, strength & togetherness. I have advocated for team work & working together to contribute to making the world a better place. But in order to work on the world, we need to form a united alliance that signifies cohesion & fellowship. Instead of trying to be better than the next, it would behoove us to raise up one another so that we can reach others. This includes sharing resources, providing advice & sharing experiences in order to ensure that the next woman gets through without the same errors, set backs or shortcomings you have. Instead, many of us do the opposite. This in turn results in unnecessary distractions & deters opportunities that may become available. We have to be nicer to one another & recognize that we are fighting the same fight while trying to figure out what works for us. Ignoring insecurities, being humbly transparent & praying for the next woman’s success can open a plethora of blessings over our lives because a kind heart, is a heart that is rewarded.

We have made efforts to thrive in a world that taught us to be ashamed to tell another woman she has inspired us. Instead, we have become fooled into shaming other women for just trying to get through their existence like the rest of us.  Being inspired by another woman is an amazing experience that unites us in unimaginable ways. When we keep these moments to ourselves, we in turn, fail to inspire & empower another woman who can benefit significantly from hearing so. I would be lying if I said I am not inspired by other women when I write my memoirs each week. When I write, I do not just envision my own experiences, emotions & improprieties. I see the faces of others who have shared their own histories & knowledge with me. I keep them in mind. Women are the epitome of love. So to love one another whether we “like” one another is irrelevant. When one woman fails, we need to take it personally. The success of one woman contributes to the success & the shattering of glass ceilings for other women. If we go through the day recognizing that what is for us will not miss us; we will recognize that each encounter we have with someone affords us the opportunity to bless, empower & eradicate how we have been taught to behave to one another. No success in the world is worth sabotaging the “come up” of someone else. If we really work together without allowing our insecurities to show themselves, it will become so much easier to say we got this; with action.

Besides, the equation is quite simple.

When one wins, we all win.

1+1= MORE


4 thoughts on “No Need For Competition; I Am My Sister’s Keeper

  1. This reminds me of a friendship that ended with another woman after her sudden change in behavior was eventually explained by a mutual male friend. She became distant in spite of seeing each other regularly, we used to carpool weekly and she kept giving excuses as to why she couldn’t (Just tell me you don’t want to anymore and I’ll stop inviting, duh.) And she started to give vague, short responses when I’d inquire how things were going that we used to speak in depth about.

    It turns out that she had been gossiping about me to all of our mutual male friends, which really backfired on her later. She became territorial about them and I can only conclude felt threatened by my popularity with them. I had no interest in the one guy she briefly dated at the time and I encouraged her in that regard, so I never understood it.

    She worked herself right out of my circle and my life when her lies and game playing came to reflect poorly on her, not me, in their view. She lost all credibility and all I had to do was keep being authentically me. I never even wasted any energy explaining or defending myself to anyone, the lies kind of revealed themselves.

    I never held any hard feelings because I know it isn’t personal, and otherwise I still think she’s a fun, smart chick. If not me, she would’ve done it to another woman and probably has. She’s insecure. I hope she heals whatever that issue is. I believe in banding together as sisters and supporting each other. I hope we can all find our way to that place.

    • Susie ! I love this. Thank you for sharing. I’m so proud that you are able to acknowledge that that was an issue she had to deal with and not yours. Also, your ability to still acknowledge that she is fun & smart despite what she has done, says alot about you. Thank you again for sharing. Hope you enjoyed.

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