Date Nights With Girl Friends

This past month & a half has been amazing. Nothing over the top happened like a spontaneous road trip, or falling in-love with a stranger at first sight. However, what made them worth talking about was that I took myself away from my hectic life & spent a few hours with my girlfriends. For the first time, in a long time, I did not think about my finances. I left all the things I needed to do on pause until I could deal with them afterwards. Weekly, whether in a memoir or on a post on Instagram, I constantly discuss the importance of having an empowering tribe that are so goal-oriented that you all, in one way or another, can build together.

What I have not discussed, is the importance of turning off life & spending much-needed girl-time with your girlfriends. With all the day-to-day stresses of the world, I did not realize how much I just needed time with my friends until I woke up the next day & felt refreshed. So today, I want you to make conscious decisions to spend time with those who encourage you & push you to be better. These dinner dates & mid-day girl sessions have made me feel so rejuvenated, productive & empowered for the coming workweek. Aside from that, I was able to spend time with people I love so much but hardly ever get to see. Excuse the cliché, but it is so true; life is too short. It is extremely important to take time to make memories with our loved ones while everyone is still around to enjoy it.

I have gotten into the habit of “checking-in” via text messages; however, I realize that in doing this so often, I miss opportunities that allow for conversations that contribute to growth & interpersonal bonds. Bonds that I cannot get behind the blue bubble on the screen of my phone. Sometimes just taking a few hours aside to go visit a friend can be all you need to brainstorm, relieve some stress & be a little carefree. As women, we always let life boggle us down. We make limited time for our loved ones & even less time for ourselves with the expectation that there will be another time. Nevertheless, most times, we need the break right now & we do not realize it until it is too late. Being around friends is a self-care ritual that is therapeutic & empowering. Around the right friends, they will remind you who the *bleep* you are when you feel small, they will encourage you to keep going, they will add wealth to your life & gems to your circumstances. So make time for them. Making time for them is also making time for yourself. We all get busy, unfortunately, that comes with being an adult. However, being an adult does not entail that we neglect ourselves along with the relationships we build with one another. A break away is acceptable & can reap positive results in our lives that can easily become robotic. We are deserving of any time we put aside for ourselves, even if it is just a few hours. In order to inspire & empower others, we need to be able to tap into the minds & energy of those who inspire & empower us. So, make time for your friends. They will be happy to see you & you will be happy you did so later.


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