Put The Idols Down…

Our day-to-day activities can be influenced significantly by the phone in our pockets, unlimited access to the media & the our personal pursuit for wealth & “nice” things. We have gotten so caught up in this that we have become distracted by the influence these things have on our lives.  We work endless hours, we lose out on time with our loved ones, we lose time for ourselves, & put our spiritual pursuit on the back burner believing that it will all be there when we see riches. The thing about riches is that once they are obtained, the grind MUST continue in order to keep them. So in pursuing such goals, the likelihood that the things we neglected will still be there diminishes as time passes. Therefore, today my question to you (me too) is what has our full attention? What is serving as a distraction that inhibits us from having unforgettable moments with the people we love the most? When did we start idolizing our cellphones, cash & cars before we have taken the time to care for ourselves? At what point do we decide it is too much & it is time for a break? 

The sad truth is that we have come to idolize material things over taking the time for ourselves, our families & our spiritual growth. We are desiring more for our lives but fail to take a moment to step away & fast from the things that are distracting us. Idolizing is not limited to worshipping a false God but is anything that is over consuming our time that does not allow us to grow in other aspects of our lives. So today, I challenge us to recognize what may be crippling us from doing better & taking precious time away from us. Whether it is our phones, our jobs, our cars or what we aspire to have, we must do something about it. There is no way we can truly be our best selves in all areas of our lives if we become slaves to the things we have & don’t have. It is totally normal to want & strive to have nice things but we must aspire to have a healthy balance. The time we don’t lose is worth so much more than having all these things with no one to share it with.

The older I get, the more I realize how short life is. I reflect on the people I lost & wish life gave me more time. More time to tell them how much I love them, or to spend one more hour with them. Loss is inevitable but lost time due to distraction can be prevented. So, let us put the phones down a little more, go on social media hiatuses or plan a staycation with our families. Whatever it is, enjoy the moment, time is of the essence. We can not afford the distraction.

10 thoughts on “Put The Idols Down…

  1. Love this messsge in which I can totally relate to it. I’m missed very precious time with my family and I am still struggling to balance the two many years later. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I one hundred percent agree. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have said or wrote about turning off the electronics and tuning into real life. If I’m to be honest, it’s annoying to see everyday. What kills me more is the people who idolize these phones so much that it’s more important than their own well-being. For instance, texting and driving. Like bruh, I guess looking at and responding to that text means more to you than not crashing your whip and living. I know I went on a tangent, but I just had this convo with a close friend of mine. But to him, I’m tripping. -_-
    Great post.

    • Thank you love. Even I try to make conscious decisions to put the phone down. I can get pretty caught up. Simply because it’s convenient. Everything is on my phone. But I also can recognize the ways it has Crippled me. I use to be able to memorize phone numbers. Lol. Now I barely know the area code. — it can be severly enabling if we don’t keep it all in check. Thank you for reading & no worries tangents always welcome here

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