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I have always been considered an emotional person. To some degree, I can agree. In both my personal & professional life I tend to be an emotional thinker with a high likelihood to respond the same way. As of recently, I have learned the importance of taking a “chill pill” & processing situations accordingly. One of the most important lessons I have been learning is that my reaction to anything that happens is my responsibility & my responsibility alone. There is skill in learning to be a master of your emotions. However, despite how much progress I have made, that is a goal I know will take a lifetime to fulfill & I am ok with that.

I lost so much time being angry at people who have offended me; thinking I was proving a point. In fact, the only person who lost was me. They went on with their lives, forgetting how I was feeling while I was left losing time I will never get back. I want us all to consider this as we encounter new people & situations that may be less than ideal. We cannot control other people’s behavior but we can surely control our own. Many of us do not work for ourselves, but work for an employer who dictates the terms & arrangements of our employment. In this relationship, we often find ourselves with little-to-no-say in how it effects us. Therefore, the sure thing we can promise ourselves is checking our emotions at the door while remaining empathetic to those around us. People will do & say things that will get us out of our element, but it is up to us to ensure they do not know the power they have to effect us & influence our behavior.

We have all reacted in ways that have given people power over us. Whether we were mad, sad, angry or depressed— but it is important that we bare in mind that no one is deserving of that from us; especially not for an extended period of time. If we can lose time festering on horrible experiences & horrible people, we can surely invest the time on other productive things like empowering ourselves out the experience & motivating others who find themselves in similar situations. After all, it is true what they say, “life is too short to be anything but happy.” Therefore, the first step to ensuring we remain that way is to control what we can & let go of the things we can’t. It is not up to us to change people but it is our job to change ourselves.

7 thoughts on “Claim Your Power

  1. My GOODNESS, we are soul sisters. I am reminded of that every time I read your blog. This speaks to a few things I’ve been focusing on in the last few months to a year; the concept of gentle power/gentle yet direct communication, old grievances/anger we carry and the journey of releasing it through forgiveness when we’re ready. I spent the last hour drafting a comment, but it’s very long so I scrapped it! Your final note in italics reminds me of a Ram Dass quote: “God’s first language is laughter!”

    • Susieee. Firstly , thank you for reading. Your comments are always refreshing. They often serve as confirmation that I’m on the right track. — never scrap your comments. I enjoy them. – I look forward to having you as a guest- let’s talk about this sooner than later. 💜

      That quote 🥰♥️

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