Bet on Yourself

Every week, I discuss the importance of believing in yourself, advocating for yourself & being inspired enough to make a difference. However, this stuff will be quite difficult to do if you are unable to bet & take risks on yourself. We are in an age where many of us aspire in different ways to provide for ourselves & our loved ones by our own means. The most interesting part about this is that many of us have already evaluated the ways in which we can do so but we lack the confidence to just do it.

Today I tell you to be proud. I encourage you to have the confidence you need to take the big step & pursue the things you have always wanted to do. People think that in order to chase after dreams, to pursue new aspirations or to tread new waters they have to sacrifice everything. That cannot be further than the truth. We are muli-faceted creatures capable of living, doing & focusing on multiple things to fulfill our heart’s desire. Daily, we multitask & work hard fullfilling the dreams & visions of someone else. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to fit your desires in your hectic schedule; by your own means, at your own time. I started Nickkie&Co. knowing that one day it will have a larger mission than empowering people through an empowerment blog. However, this is the foundation & I am totally content with where it is right now. I am on my own timeline & what will come will come. I simply had one job & that was to take the risk. Now that the risk was taken, the rest will surely follow.

Today, I ask you to reflect a little bit. Has there been anything you always wanted to do? Something that can transform your life in a way that will give you a joy you have never felt before? If you woke up tomorrow & had the opportunity to invest in ONE thing that makes you an even better you, without thinking of finances, or comments from nay-sayers, what would you do?

Now I ask you-

What is stopping you now?

Today will be the last day you compromise on you.

7 thoughts on “Bet on Yourself

  1. Beautifully written as always. I for one suffer greatly from the procrastination bug 😅 so stopping and taking a moment to realize in my own strengths and to have confidence in them is always a tool to “move past go” for me. Thank yu much love 💕

  2. Excellent post. I’m semi retired. Just turned 60 in February. I can think of several things that I’d like to do mostly regarding my artwork but let’s see what this sixth decade of life brings.

    • Congrats on your semi retirement. Lol. That would be the perfect time to start treading those new waters & discovering yourself again. I pray you enjoy every minute of this next 10 years.

      • Thanks. The artistic Waters are not New for me. I retired from a Museum last year. I’ve already been in several Art Shows. In fact I’m going to collect my artwork from the Coffee Shop across from my house this morning.

        Art is just a continuation of my dream and what I have been doing off and on since childhood even though it doesn’t pay financially which is why I went back to work.

        Still need those paychecks. Must be practical.

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