Empower Women

Although women are coming forward encouraging & advocating for themselves in ways that have not always been so prevelant before, it has always been important. For a long time, women have been an oppressed population. From employment opportunities, to policy changes put in place to hinder & dictate our actions – the oppressive intent is evident. As a result, we must be up in arms, always. At this point, if you hurt one, limit & restrict one; you have hurt, limit & restrict us all. Because women empowerment is more than empowering & encouraging women. It is about empathy, relation, understanding, encouragement & awareness, etc. Women empowerment is love. However, many times, the things that are occurring to us & around us encompass everything but the ability to empower women.

To get to the point that policy change happens based on the true necessities & demands of women, we can start small so that we can move bigger. We want better treatment but fail to exhibit better treatment amongst ourselves. Therefore, we can empower & encourage all women, whether we know them or not, consistently, with the intent to spread healing amongst other women. We walk by many women on a regular basis; however, we are more inclined to judge her before telling her she is bomb. We are less likely to empathize with a woman who is having a rough day without knowing her story first & we look at women individually instead of as a contribution to what they are to us as a group.

Each woman represents something for us individually & as a whole- the ability to grow, overcome adversity, create & maintain life (whether from their flesh or not), & the ability to survive & thrive. We need to begin to treat each other as valued treasure before we can expect anyone else to see us the same way. We need to stop comparing ourselves to other women to determine the traits we have that makes us a better woman. We need to look for opportunities to heal each other so we can sustain each other. Women fight many battles but it should never be a battle that we are fighting amongst ourselves. Regardless of the story of the person who receives these messages, it is important that we remind them in various & creative ways that we all are loved, capable & not alone.

7 thoughts on “Empower Women

  1. Ideally Women helping Women should be true but in reality women are catty, jealous and vindictive.
    Whether it’s at work or even in Church the judgment is there.
    Even in my age group 60+ it’s best not to share your problems or Victory with women. I have very few close Women friends and going through various sickness, disease and disabilities that come with aging I don’t discuss my challenges.

    Women are nosyparkers aka busy bodies consumed with gossip and spreading rumors. In my day the poison was spread by word of mouth and telephone. Sadly this Generation has social media whereby you can destroy innocent people on a wider scale.

    • I am sorry that this has been your experience. I have seen these instances you refer to but I have also had exceptional experiences with close friends that I have had for a long time. – I encourage all women to empower one another because I understand that’s not always the case. But thankfully have been blessed with individuals who are empowering equally. – thanks for your comment ☺️

      • No reason to be sorry. I learned my lessons and took them to heart. To know better is to do better. Live and learn. Move forward with life.

      • I have a few good friends but they live far away so I rarely see them. I don’t regret my experiences. Taught me to be more self reliant and independent.

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