Beautifully Broken

As you may have saw last week, I have had to take a minute away to recharge. Initially, I believed in only giving you content when I have made it through a storm. However, I am currently in an emotional battle & I recognize that life must still go on. Life stops for no one & the best way to get over & past things is to attempt to bring your life back to some type of normalcy. I have advocated for self care on a public platform for well over a year now & somehow forgot that in advocating for self care, that there will be instances when I will need to acknowledge that my own journey needs a moment or two for a little tender, love & care.

It has been a little over a week that I have not felt like myself. I have been struggling to be productive & struggling to see the bright side of things (which is really not like me). As someone who has sat side by side with depression, I can recognize that I am not there but that something will need to change before I get caught up sitting with my “old friend” again. So today, I decided to live up to my promise to always remain transparent & tell you all that I am struggling. Nonetheless, I will also follow up with this statement by telling you, that it is ok to be totally honest with ourselves when we are. Sometimes we get so use to looking like we have it all together that we are hard on ourselves when we don’t. Sometimes things just don’t make sense and it effects us. Sometimes things sting more than we anticipated & sometimes life just does not seem fair. But if there is anything I learned in the three decades I have walked this earth– the difficult times do not last forever.

Sadness will eventually be turned to joy, tears will turn to laughter & anger will turn to peace because our lives were not meant to be a relay race of obstacles we cannot overcome. In fact, our lives are about the victories. A bunch of small & large wins that enable us to reflect back on those trophy moments & be proud. So if you are like me & having a more difficult time than normal, remain encouraged. Remain positive that this too shall pass. After all, we do not have to be everyone’s superhero, we just have to be our own.

5 thoughts on “Beautifully Broken

  1. Hi Nickkie,
    This post was beautiful and I really thank you for being transparent because I can relate to your message. I’m a new blogger, literally a day old lol. However, i made this blog and site out for me. To finally be free and go down the journey of self love and i thought, what better way to let it all out and connect with others than to make a blog? So here i am now, connecting with your story. Reading this taught me that it’s okay to not be yourself, it’s okay to take time to recharge and it’s okay to be transparent about it. That was brave of you. You got this girl 💕

    • Wow. Hi Alexia. Thank you for your kind words love. It’s much appreciated. Sometimes life gives us more than we can chew & that’s ok. I just forgot that it is. Thank you for appreciating my transparency & good blessings on your new blogging endeavor. You’ll love it! Keep up with it even when you don’t want to. The world needs your voice & your testimony. Besides, you never know where this blogging life can take you. · thanks again beautiful ♥️🤞🏾

      • You’re welcome, truly! Thank you for your kind words and you’re wonderful tips about blogging as well! I truly appreciate it. Things will get better for the both of us. 💕🙏

  2. This was beautiful Nic & reading this really hit home. Sometimes we try to be so strong for the word but at the end of the day like you said, you only have to be a superhero for yourself not everyone else. This really struck me because yes there is times that I’m not ok that I need to take a moment to recharge that I need to cry and get myself together but My MOM persona won’t let me because I feel as I should always be strong for my little ones but you made me realize that it’s Ok to just take a moment to recharge and get myself together. You are bomb girl ♥️

    • Tallleeeeee ♥️. My love you’re such an amazing spirit. Spirits like yours need to take the time to recharge appropriately so don’t be ashamed. You can still be an amazing mom & take the time you need for yourself. We don’t always have to have the answers or have it figured out bc if there’s anything I know · it’s gonna come together regardless. · thanks babe ♥️

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