Your Timeline…

Good morning Loves! Happy Sunday.

Let’s talk about timing. We spend our whole lives creating timelines for ourselves. We use timing to dictate parenthood, our career goals & our standards of success. However, I am learning that although it is important to establish goals; establishing strict expectations for your life will only contribute to self-loathing, anxiety & depression when God’s predestined plan trumps our own.

There is no preparation in the world that can keep from you what is meant for you. It’s true, there is a season & time for everything. Although we must maximize on the resources in front of us; we are not allowed to mistreat ourselves when things do not go according to our plan. Because the truth is, the plan that God has for us far surpasses anything that we could have ever imagined. Knowing that a plan that is greater than ours is already in motion; it is important that we just relish in the beautiful things that life has to offer.

We can strive to conquer goals & create “loose” timelines but understanding that life rarely ever goes the way we plan is one of the first steps of self-care. If we cannot plan time centered expectations; let’s plan to create new memories with the people we love. When it’s all said & done, the amount of time it took us to get to where we are headed is insignificant in comparison to the memories & experiences we leave behind.

Be gentle to yourself.

God hears your desires. It’s coming. Let him worry about the timeline.

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