I Get It, You’re Tired, But…

Good morning Love,

I know you’re tired. I know you have been having a difficult time lately juggling your life, managing the concerns of those around you & being available for everyone’s beck & call. As much as you try to stay on top of it, you’re tired. You’re tired of being available. You’re tired of not getting any breaks. You’re tired of “break” days that aren’t really break days. Going, going, going, is wearing you down but if you don’t do it; who will, right?

Listen love, everything is not for you to handle. Everything is NOT your battle & everything surely does not require your intervention. People will survive without you being available every single time they call. Life becomes increasingly more difficult to enjoy when everyone’s issue becomes your problem. You deserve more than that. You deserve to enjoy life without having to wonder when someone will need you to step in or step up. Stop enabling circumstances that keep you from taking care of yourself & enjoying the life you can create for yourself.

Starting today, please begin making deliberate decisions on how you spend your time throughout the day. Create time in your routine JUST for you & no one else & be consistent. Recognize what you’re feeling & acknowledge what you need to feel to do to feel less tired; to feel alive. Be gentle to yourself. It’s ok to be a little selfish with your time & your abilities. Don’t beat yourself up when you’re not available for them; be available for you for once. You’re allowed. Boundaries are healthy. Make deliberate & healthy choices. You deserve it.

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