Settling Looks Bad On You…

Hey loves! Sometimes it is so much easier to settle that a lot of times we don’t even realize that is what we are doing. But despite how we look at it; we have all been guilty of it one time or another. We have settled for the job that under values us, the dead end relationship, the outgrown friendship & even some of the personal goals we have established for ourselves. Life has a funny way of making us complacent when everything else feels out of control. Comfortability can be our worse enemy if we get comfortable in the realms we have settled in. Quite frankly, we are too lit to settle anyway.

Settling severely narrows our perspective. The longer we stay there, the harder it is for us to see bigger & better. For instance, I worked at a job for almost 5 years & although I have gained a lot of knowledge when I was there; there was a time when it stopped being a benefit to me. The job offered more headaches (literally) than positive experiences, I struggled financially & because I fell into this flow of comfortability; I felt undeserving of more. Imposter Syndrome had me thinking I couldn’t get more & that I was unworthy of more; that’s a narrative I know a lot of people are living with every single day- right now. Now 6 months later, I am with a new employer & can see the new horizons in from me. I have new opportunities & have created situations that have afforded me multiple streams of income. Although I knew I was blessed before, the magnitude of how blessed I feel now that I am active & less stress is not missed on me.

So I say all that to say, baby, this is your time. The time of complacency was never fitting for you. Settling because you were comfortable or didn’t want to challenge or disrupt your life’s rhythm was never becoming of you. It kept you from thriving. It kept you from exploring life & discovering new levels to you. Settling makes you fearful & overall boring. Life is so much fun if we just take those leaps of faith & allow ourselves to ripple the water in our ponds. Now ask yourself, is there any aspect of your life that you have settled in? What do you plan to do about it?

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