Who is Nickkie?

Simply put, I am WOMAN & I spent a significant portion of my life trying to catch the rhythm to some drum society has told me I should dance to. I find beauty in using my experiences to relate, empower & motivate others. I am a woman much like yourself. I feel deeply. I get emotional, insecure, playful, sad, excited & sometimes, I get so overjoyed that my cup of satisfaction overflows with happiness. In my experiences, I have loved deeply & I have been hurt badly. However, as a result, I have become passionate beyond measure.

My passion has directed me to pursuit loving myself & others in new ways that allows us toc confidently shatter the confines society’s standards has forced upon us. I am in pursuit of raw & unmeasurable joy. Not just for myself but for others too. I want women to recognize their worth so they can define themselves by their own standards. I want them to look at their experiences & be proud & not ashamed. I want other women to look at each other & fix each other’s crown instead of contributing to it’s tilt & I want women to be willing to learn, research, speak up & develop new perspectives. I want to create a platform that contributes to that & I want it to be meaningful. I want it to make a difference. The time in which we succumb to oppression is over. May we thrive in our growth, shine in our experiences & be more than we ever imagined we could be.