I Will Shine Bright

YAAAY Nickkie!!! Loved the blog!!! ♥️ Let it SHINE!!!! ☀️ I am definitely doing everything I can to let my light shine every DAY and it’s refreshing to have coworkers that are truly appreciative. I got a lot of nice compliments from my coworker today and it felt good. I will keep in mind what you said about not downplaying myself or my skills.

K. Washington.


Nickkie!!! am so proud of you! Your page is very inspirational! I just wanted to let know that you make me think of ways to better myself when I look on your page. Keep doing what you do!



OMG Nickkie thid is so awesome and exciting!!!! God is definitely speaking to you and using you. Women’s empowerment is a big passion of mine also and I can’t wait to be a part of this journey with you. I would love to participate/join the blog if it’s ok with you. That is something that’s not too difficult for me since it’s online and I don’t need a babysitter to do it lol. It is truly a blessing to watch you grow Nickkie. I think one of your biggest qualities is that you are so progressive and passionate about these topics and you help stir feelings in me and maybe others of a desire to help people. You also remind me of myself when I was younger. God bless you and may he multiply your efforts.
Xo. Fellow Conglomerate.

If Only…

If Nickkie and Co. can reach one life, at least one time, than the purpose has been fulfilled. If it can reach many lives, than the mission and the vision has been surpassed. Nickkie and Co. will love to share your story and how it has helped during difficult times.

**Submissions will remain anonymous**